October 19, 2011

Filmmaking Update

Hey guys! Just to let you know, due to many events, assignments, and other stuff in my personal life, I had to take a break from filming. I barely even have any time to myself! Anyway, hopefully I will be able to film very soon...as in this weekend! I will update the production whenever I can. Thank you
                                               Fran the Asian Gaming Man

October 12, 2011

Video Effects Videos?

In order to test out new software and brand new effects, I'm going to be making some video fx videos. For all you anime lovers out there the first one will be....Death the Kid shootout. I am excited for this! Note: If anyone who reads this and wants to advise me on how to create Death Cannon arms. Please message me through youtube!
Btw, I might be needing 2 girls turning into guns....hmmm...where the hell do I get one of those?

October 10, 2011

FRAG Review: Deadliest Warrior

I finished a review of deadliest warrior: the game, but due to copyright infringement, I am not allowed to post it. So I will just say what I think of the game here and now. Deadliest Warrior is a good game, its just difficult. What makes it difficult is that the damage from the placement of your hits can kill you fast. The game is ok, but not for any fighting fans out there. Overall, I give it a 7/10

September 28, 2011

The Choice of The New Project

If you've guessed that the answer was war games. You are Correct! I have chosen to review one of the most overhyped shooters of all time. I'm going to review Call of Duty Multiplayer! 

I'm going to have to make BIG TIME theatrical decisions. Things including getting Adobe After Effects, showing interactions between people, using a Green Screen. What's even more exciting, is that this is my first time using ANY of these things! There will probably be more practice videos on youtube at www.youtube.com/TheGamingFrontier. If you have any ideas just send me a private message or comment on this post. If you have any tips, please offer them since they might be helpful. I'll try my best!

September 26, 2011

New Project?

I'm deciding whether its a good idea to start on a new project and continue with these reviews. This time, lets review something mainstream. I must review the solemn abomination of today's society. And this is going to be an awesome project. I'll give you a hint to what the game is going to be about.

hint: "What are most games of today, based off of?"

September 17, 2011